Workplace from Facebook is Helping Employers with New Features

Workplace by Facebook is a collaborative tool bringing Facebook’s interface to businesses. It is currently a strong competitor against other communication apps in the industry. This is because it offers users reliable features for seamless collaborations.

Since 2016, it has grown to a user base of over 3 million workers. The numbers are set to rise with the Covid-19 pandemic influencing increased collaboration globally.

In the wake of the pandemic, Facebook is at the top of its game, offering users better services. The tool intends to meet users’ expectations and support them to conquer their challenges.

Just recently, Facebook announced the release of new features on its Workplace app. For enhanced communications and employees’ support, here’s what Workplace is offering.

‘Draft For’

Working in separate locations can be challenging for company executives and other employees. A typical instance is the process of drafting, review and documentation of information remotely.

Facebook has introduced the ‘Draft For’ feature to enhance internal communications. With this feature, employees can draft posts on behalf of their company executives. The executives can later review, approve and publish these posts.

The feature helps to promote rapidity and accuracy of information sharing in organizations. It is expected that it will streamline the process into what it would be in a traditional workplace.

Knowledge Library

The knowledge library on Workplace is a central hub for sourcing company information. This feature was created to reduce the time employees waste sourcing for information. It provides real-time information ranging from chat threads, group posts and live videos.

Unless restrictions are set, all information can be located from the search bar. This feature is available for all including mobile Workplace users. Content creation, storage and modification rights can be restricted to admins or everybody. You don’t need tech support or a separate app to access this feature.

With these, you will agree that knowledge hub can enhance every employee’s productivity.

Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat is feature acting as an instant messaging tool in businesses. Businesses need not incur productivity losses from redundant collaboration technology. Instant messaging according to Workplace makes collaborations faster, delightful and better.

You can have limitless conversations via texts and video conferencing for 50 colleagues. There are gifs, stickers and other features to spice up interactions. Its multi-company chat allows efficient communication with separate vendors, suppliers or agencies.

There is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ status provision that turns off message notifications for workers to focus.

Safety Checks

Safety checks is a feature that allows prompt circulation of information during the crisis. It allows organizations to identify and notify employees who may be affected by the crisis. Safety checks can be activated through the Workplace administrator.

Employers can then send notifications enquiring about the state of employees. It uses employees’ location data and dashboard-displayed history of response to messages.

The system assists employers to determine who is safe and who needs help.


‘Campaigns’ is the messaging analytics feature on Workplace from Facebook. This internal communications feature collects stats related to various company internal updates. These include the reach, engagement and sentiments surrounding these updates.

When posts are published, reaction metrics are used to study employees’ behaviour. With campaigns, you can determine the effect of shared information on employees’ morale.

Thus, you can ensure that only relevant information is shared across the platform.

Q&A Posts

Q&A post was created for rapid generation of employees’ feedback on important issues. Employers will find this feature very useful in understanding the needs of their staff. In this feature, users can add and upvote or downvote questions.

It provides opportunities for employees to express their concerns about company issues. Every voice can be heard and every opinion matters. With the result generated, responsive actions can be quickly taken by employers.

It enhances transparency and equity in decision-making processes.

Care Reaction and profile Frames

The care reaction is an emoji depicting the Smiley face with a hugging heart. In the midst of the covid-19 crisis, the feature helps to express comforting emotions amongst users. Facebook believes that facilitating the sympathy and empathy expressions is needed right now.

This new reaction feature is expected to generate positive results on the platform. With colleagues so far apart right now, it is meant to show care and support. It can be used when responding to posts, messages, photos or videos.

Similarly, the profile frames are a set of work-from-home-themed frames. The frames can be overlayed on existing profile pictures. The aimed is to increase connectivity amongst remote employees.

Final Thoughts

With the current remote trends, Workplace excels in its efforts to enhance collaboration. Its user-experience and productivity features meet the mark but can still be improved on. The nature and consistency of features introduced prove an important point. Facebook Workplace puts company culture and users first. One can only wait to witness how much farther they will go in ensuring user’s satisfaction.

Originally published at on May 25, 2020.

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