What’s Really Inside The Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR): A Review

What is a Virtual Meeting Room?

Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms — a full insight

  • Host group video meetings: the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms grants users access to host/join meetings using a smart conference management that drives better results
  • Action content sharing: presentations can be shared aswell as app windows with other attendants in a meeting not minding their platform or choice of device
  • Better planning with automated scheduling: the Virtual Meeting Rooms is integrated with your calendar and work, enabling you to share join-in details with just one click
  • Easy-to-use conference controls: the conference control are absolutely user friendly and super easy to use, you can straightforwardly carry out all basic functions like limiting access to a group meeting (locking), and also setting a pin
  • Enjoy a dedicated app: the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms permits you to host a video conference across several devices
  • Stream live and record: contents can be streamed in real time directly from Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms to diverse third-party platforms via its RTMP streaming integration tool
  • Talk on group chat: on the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms, users have an opportunity to join via desktop, mobile or web

Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms — how do I use it?

How many people can the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms accommodate in a room?

Extra features for maximum productivity



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