What’s Really Inside The Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR): A Review

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From our houses to our workplaces, from the indoor activities to the outdoor events, from our privacy to the full public glare, technology has had a huge impact on everything we do.

Amidst the great innovations and inventions born out of technology, communication and human relationship has greatly benefitted. From the postal individuals and companies, technology has now replaced them with several devices equipped with the internet that allows people transfer information within seconds.

While this is good, it’s even better when you can meet and communicate with different people who aren’t physically present, in a virtual meeting room — all at the same time.

Introducing the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms, organizations, groups or companies can now hold full interactive meetings via an effective video conferencing.

What is a Virtual Meeting Room?

A virtual meeting room can be compared to a physical one. It has a name, a location, some collaboration tools aswell as some furniture for you to sit and place your coffee or laptop on.

An essential part of a Virtual Meeting Room is a screen which could be one or more where information, documents, presentations and other data can be shared.

A virtual room shares major similarities with a physical one but in terms of location, its address isn’t physical but rather virtual. A Virtual room’s address is usually in form URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) which has a format similar to an email. The address is quite unique.

Just like an email address, a VMR is a personal and fixed resource, it doesn’t change per meeting or per time. For instance, if your email address is xyz@organization.com, your personal VMR would be something like company.xyz@organization.com.

Now that we know what a Virtual Meeting Room is, let’s examine the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms

Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms — a full insight

The coming together of 2 companies –Videxio in 2011 (a cloud based provider) and Pexip in 2012 (a video infrastructure specialist) led to the new Virtual Meeting Rooms — Pexip.

Both companies were founded by experts in the industry who decided to use their vast experience to create a video conferencing solution that was totally out of the box. Their innovation challenged the problems that plagued conventional video conferencing — cost, scale and management.

In terms of deployment options, Pexip is available as-a-service and can also be self-hosted. The idea of the company in its official statement is to address connectivity and collaboration which have remained key issues in workplaces despite advents of technology.

Pexip is on a mission to solve these persisting problems by deploying top-notch interoperable apps that include Skype for Business, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. Add to the list of services offered by Pexip, there’s also a tremendous meeting and calling service aswell as a video system device registration.

The collection of features inside the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR)

The Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms has an amazing collection of features that makes it really functional and enjoyable. These features include

  • Host group video meetings: the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms grants users access to host/join meetings using a smart conference management that drives better results
  • Action content sharing: presentations can be shared aswell as app windows with other attendants in a meeting not minding their platform or choice of device
  • Better planning with automated scheduling: the Virtual Meeting Rooms is integrated with your calendar and work, enabling you to share join-in details with just one click
  • Easy-to-use conference controls: the conference control are absolutely user friendly and super easy to use, you can straightforwardly carry out all basic functions like limiting access to a group meeting (locking), and also setting a pin
  • Enjoy a dedicated app: the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms permits you to host a video conference across several devices
  • Stream live and record: contents can be streamed in real time directly from Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms to diverse third-party platforms via its RTMP streaming integration tool
  • Talk on group chat: on the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms, users have an opportunity to join via desktop, mobile or web

Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms — how do I use it?

If your organization has been seeking an easy way to meet on video or audio in a manner that allows participants share presentations and collaborate smoothly, Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms is the ultimate solution.

It is available and easily accessible for different meetings. Its static nature that comes with a unique address and name makes it simple for people to be invited.

The Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms can be accessed from basically any type of device. It can be via a web browser, Microsoft Lync, Skype or Skype for Business, a smart phone, tablet, PC, video conferencing devices and more.

In a VMR, unless you dial in via a phone you can see the others in the room just like a normal video conference. Also it is similar to a standard meeting room where much of the attention is placed on the speaker. Here, they occupy the largest part of the screen. The previous speakers and other attendants of the meeting appear as thumbnail video pictures on the lower part of the screen.

From left to right, the attendees are serially arranged in the order in which they appeared or participated in the meeting room.

How many people can the Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms accommodate in a room?

The Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms can host any number of attendees or participants in a meeting. Traditionally, the VMR layout dedicates the larger part of the screen to the speakers while there’s a row of up to 7 thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.

Extra features for maximum productivity

Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms provides a massive room for users to express their creativity by customizing it to their taste. There are several customization options that allows you enjoy a personalized user experience.

The Pin-protect feature also helps during conferences. Hosts and guests enjoy different controls based on restrictions.

The Pexip VMR also has some external meetings and productivity tools that makes it interoperable with other applications. Examples include Microsoft skype for business, Microsoft Teams, Google hangouts and Microsoft Exchange.

The Pexip VMR simply puts you in cruise control of a meeting room where you can invite participants with much ease. Access can be restricted and it supports as many participants as you would like. You can share presentations, documents and collaborate just like a normal meeting room.

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