What team collaboration tools need to be a true email killer

A graphic demonstrating how some collaboration tools eliminate the use of email in some workplaces

The great email exodus

  • Microsoft recently announced that its Teams platform reached 115 million daily active users in October, which is a growth of over 50% since April
  • Over 60% of organizations have already adopted team collaboration apps and the figure will rise further still to 67% by next year, according to a study from advisory firm Nemertes Research
  • Nearly half (49%) of respondents to a NextPlane study said that business discussions, tasks or transactions with users outside their company have now shifted from email to real-time collaboration platforms

Driving productivity

A fragmented market

  • Nearly 42% of organizations run more than one team collaboration app internally, according to Nemertes Research
  • Some 79% of companies operate a mixed collaboration environment, including legacy UC platforms and modern offerings, according to a NextPlane report

No email killer

Challenges and solutions

  • IT cannot enforce security policies or see what is being shared by employees, potentially with external users
  • IT cannot easily revoke guest accounts, whether used to allow external access to internal collaboration tools or vice versa
  • The process of managing guest accounts adds an administrative burden on IT
  • Guest access offer a far from seamless experience for users, sapping more of their productivity
  • Contrary to popular myth, guest accounts are not free. A cloud-based IT provider recently discovered that, since January, its users have handed out nearly 46,000 Slack guest accounts, at a cost to the company of over $550,000 per quarter

NextPlane — Collaboration Without Boundaries — Connect. Any Team. Anywhere.

  • Is trusted by thousands of Global 5000 companies, like Dow, IBM, Merck and Nokia
  • Connects 750,000+ enterprise users every day
  • Processes 500m+ chat and IM messages daily
  • Allows users on different platforms to send messages with rich text, GIF, and emojis; share presence; participate in channels; and share files inside and outside the enterprise, without leaving their respective clients



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