Asana Is Interested In Workplace Efficiency with Resource Optimization Feature.

  • To ensure that resources are allocated adequately
  • To get an overview of projects on a single timeline
  • To analyze and review strategies easily
  • To ensure transparency among team members
  • To meet set deadlines
  • Saves time
  • To make adjustments that enhance the efficiency of teams
  • To set realistic goals and plans for the future

Asana’s Resource Optimization Strategy

Portfolios in Asana

  • Organize projects and set the team’s priorities
  • Create portfolios for a group of projects
  • Monitoring of project progress in real-time
  • Analyze and address risks
  • Keep your team updated on the status of activities

Custom Fields on Asana

  • Indicating the priority level of tasks
  • To mark the stages or phases of on-going projects
  • To show the time that would be spent on different tasks, phases or projects
  • Tracking of candidates or accounts by entering useful information relating to the project
  • Tracking of URL links

Asana’s workload

  • A real-time overview of projects assigned to team members
  • Assigning of start and end dates of tasks
  • Evaluating team members’ capacity
  • Getting a picture of each team members workload
  • Rebalancing of work schedules and plans
  • Preventing burn out of employees

Asana’s Forms

  • Collecting creative requests
  • Obtaining feedback from customers
  • Making and receiving requests for facilities or IT
  • Sending and receiving bug reports
  • Collection of team ideas and brainstorms



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