Team collaboration: the hidden and not-so-hidden costs of guest accounts

Iceberg metaphor of costs of guest accounts

No stopping team collaboration

What happens now?

The cost of guest accounts

  • Accidentally or deliberately share sensitive material with guest users
  • Unwittingly post infected files, potentially leading to data loss or malware uploads
  • Use Teams alongside integrated third-party applications which pose a security threat

What does this mean?

The cost of breaches

  • Regulatory fines (e.g., CCPA, GDPR)
  • Damaged brand reputation
  • Customer attrition
  • Negative impact on share price
  • IT overtime costs
  • Cost of remediation, clean-up, and response
  • Legal costs

NextPlane-Collaboration Without Boundaries-Connect. Any Team. Anywhere.

  • There’s no need to buy expensive guest accounts for external collaboration
  • Your internal users can stay on corporate sanctioned collaboration platforms, boosting security and compliance
  • Employee productivity is enhanced because your users and their external colleagues can stay on their preferred platforms



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