SharePoint 2019: 5 Features That Are In and Out

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4 min readFeb 17, 2020

SharePoint 2019 was recently released by Microsoft, and it’s new platform came with a lot of cool and new features from the SharePoint online world to the on-premises users. To continue their effort towards supporting their users who maintain OneDrive and SharePoint workloads on-premises, the 2019 version of SharePoint supports integrated, powerful hybrid scenarios out-of-the-box. It also made some improvements to its user interface, which includes communication site pages, lists and libraries, news, and team sites. Apart from adding some new features, SharePoint also got rid of some old features, and we will talk about them below.

Let us take a look at what is included and removed by SharePoint for IT pros, developers, and business end-users.

What’s New in SharePoint 2019

1. The Homepage of SharePoint

The homepage of SharePoint now provides modern user interface experience which allows users to gain access to all their websites. It makes employees easily navigate the homepage and keep track of every activity across their websites.

2. OneDrive

Companies that have huge on-premises libraries will be glad to be aware that the 2019 version of SharePoint provides a greatly improved OneDrive Sync Client. It features OneDrive Sync Client support for the team and personal websites, which includes files on demand. It also provides push notification to assist in creating a reliable and fast sync experience.

Before, these features can only be found in the cloud. After the launch of the SharePoint 2019, on-premises users can now gain access to them in hybrid environments.

3. Improved support for SharePoint framework

One other new feature in SharePoint 2019 is that it now provides support for SharePoint Framework 1.4.1 to give developers the cache to build modern web parts that function for both SharePoint Online and also SharePoint On-Premises. With this version of SharePoint, developers can make use of Webhooks for SharePoint Framework Client-Side extensions and web parts in modern experiences, list items, and also Asset packaging and auto JS file hosting from the application catalog.

4. Improved support for business processes

So many businesses make use of SharePoint for the support of collaboration, custom business applications, and business process automation.

It can be a little bit messy to move large workloads to the cloud. Luckily, the new version of SharePoint comes with process automation and forms techs such as Flow and PowerApps for connecting with the on-premises data of yours.

5. Modern SharePoint team sites

One thing which users will love most about the SharePoint 2019 is the modern team sites. By default, Modern Team sites are responsive and that includes an out-of-the-box news publishing engine, giving users the chance to share the news with other team members. Quite different from Office 365 in which modern team websites are integrated with an Office 365 Group, on-premises modern team sites don’t require any connection with Exchange to work well.

Features that are out of the SharePoint 2019

1. Multi-tenancy

The capabilities of multi-tenancy have boosted so much that the cloud technology dependencies can’t be replaced in the On-premises environment. The complexity involved and its price, compared to an alternative to on-premises, is much that Microsoft has decided to remove this feature and also its support once from the SharePoint 2019 version.

2. SharePoint Designer 2013

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, which is now known as Microsoft SharePoint Designer (SPD), is a stopped HTML editor freeware used to modify or create Microsoft SharePoint websites, web pages, and workflows. Although this tool will still work with the new SharePoint until its client support lifecycle ends, which is 2026.

3. Visio Services — Silverlight Based Rendering

There are two options for rendering Visio diagrams on Visio Services, which are the PNG-based and the Silverlight-based. The Microsoft Silverlight is one which won’t be supported any more as of October 12, 2021. This denotes that Silverlight-based rendering won’t be supported by SharePoint Server 2019 anymore. Visio diagrams will only be rendered with the use of PNG-based technology.

4. Digest Authentication

This is a method that’s an enhanced variation of Single Factor Authentication. The 2019 version of SharePoint won’t support this anymore. It is recommended by Microsoft that users who still make use of Digest Authentication are to move to alternatives like SAML, NTML, and Kerberos.

5. PDF Viewer

A built-in PDF viewer was included in the preview of SharePoint Server 2019, and this gave SharePoint the chance to render PDF documents. They removed this feature from the release of the SharePoint Server 2019. Instead, users can make use of the PDF rendering abilities available in almost all web browsers and client gadgets.


In a nutshell, SharePoint Server 2019 is a much-anticipated product by users because of the amazing features which it brings. It has so many amazing new features that will be useful for both the SharePoint developers community and the SharePoint development company. Get the SharePoint 2019, and share your experience with us!

Originally published at on February 17, 2020.