NextPlane Management Portal: Enhance Your Cisco Webex Teams On-Boarding

Nextplane Inc.
3 min readApr 17, 2020


Recently, Cisco announced the improvements in its Webex Teams user experience for more effective remote working. NextPlane offers enhanced cross-platform interoperability for the Webex Teams users and their internal and external colleagues or partners on Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

Using the NextPlane Management Portal-a secure web-based application-you can provision your company domain, test your federations, and generate summary and detailed usage reports.

Provisioning your company domain is the initial step in the Webex Teams onboarding process that requires providing the company domain name and selecting Cisco Webex Teams as your platform.

Cisco Webex Teams uses API-based federation, which significantly simplifies the domain provisioning process. Once you provide your company domain and platform information, our system will automatically validate your data and diagnose if the domain meets the minimum requirements to join the NextPlane ConverseCloud Federation Network.

Upon completion, you can perform a Self-Test. With Cisco Webex Teams, self-testing is a two-step procedure that requires adding the NextPlane bot to your Webex Teams client application with the help of the ID.

The NextPlane Echo bot allows you to test your connectivity with NextPlane. When it receives a message, such as “test,” it echoes it back to you. This allows you to know that you have successfully provisioned your domain on our service.

After the domain provisioning is verified, you can search for your partners on the NextPlane Federation Directory. The NextPlane Directory lists the federation-ready companies and their domains.

The federation process allows you to map your domain to one or multiple external domains easily. NextPlane will then use the domain pairs to establish your federations across different entities or organizations.

Once your federation request is accepted, and the newly-established federation gets approved by NextPlane, your Webex Teams users can start connecting and seamlessly cooperating with their non-Webex Teams colleagues or partners.

Originally published at on April 17, 2020.