Neat Bar Review: It’s All About Creating a Better Zoom Experience

As diversity, remoteness, and flexibility in the world of work increase, companies are looking for better ways of simplifying collaboration. The outdated meeting room is reducing, swiftly becoming replaced with technological hiddle spaces which give the chance for impromptu conversations and plug-and-play connectivity.

Video collaboration software such as Zoom supports this revolving environment. When a business, irrespective of its background and size, makes use of Zoom they can conveniently and swiftly tap into outstanding and innovative video experiences. With Zoom, you will have an easy-to-use, engaging, and fun video experience in a place where there is the necessity of instant face-to-face conversation. Nevertheless, you are still required to have the correct hardware for the support of your Zoom meeting experience. That is where you will need tools such as the Neat Bar.

Features of the Neat Bar

It is an easy-to-use and compact meeting tool which is made to complement and enhance the experience you get from Zoom. The same style with a conventional soundbar, the Neat device is a high-performance, slim speaker, packed with an HD camera of high capability, and a combined chip which wakes up anytime you walk into the place. It can capture the whole room in HD, the Zoom bar will forever alter the way you work, with its features such as:

  • For noiseless performance, it has a fan-less design
  • A compact and clean design
  • It’s able to monitor the quality of air in a meeting room
  • No cables
  • Noise cancellation
  • A high-quality speaker sound with clear voice audio
  • 12-megapixel camera for zooming and framing
  • One-click wireless sharing features
  • Auto power-on anytime people walk into the room
  • There is an inclusion of a dedicated high-performance chip
  • Integrated multiple colored side LED indicators to show you anytime a room is in use
  • Enhanced audio pickup for huddle rooms

Benefits of the Neat Bar

Even though there are several huddle room tech available out there today, this Neat Bar is particularly made for the transformation of all meetings to something that’s really special. This tool considers techniques, which other hardware solutions would not think of tracking. For example, while ensuring that your tool powers on anytime a person walks into a room, this device also checks the quality of air in your meeting spaces, for the support of better employee comfort and productivity. Some of its benefits are:

Functions easily with the Zoom video system

This device is particularly designed to be used with the Zoom video meeting environment. It is great for bringing fantastic audio and video quality to your meetings. The Neat Bar also arrives packed with a dedicated pad controller and an option of adding a scheduling display also.

Advanced video and audio

You should have fantastic conferencing experiences when you make use of the Neat Bar. It has a one-click wireless sharing and a 12-megapixel camera that can capture the whole room, and an ambient light sensor is included. 5-angled microphone to capture your voice while also seamlessly compressing noise that’s unwanted.

The Best Meeting Space

This device takes the confusion and clutters out of the meeting room without the need for too many cables. What is more? This device will also provide enhanced audio pickup which depends on your room size. The Neat Bar has a multiple colored side LED indicators to give people the chance to be aware of anytime the room is already being used from a distance.

Intelligent Tech

This device can easily be set up and used. In its box, there are all instructions and mounts you could need, and you can directly integrate the system to your Zoom account. As soon as it is set up, it just works. It automatically turns on anytime you go inside the room in order for you to begin a meeting with just one touch.

Fantastic quality of sound: Because it’s a speaker, the Neat Bar produces a sound of high-fidelity, in order for you to hear all the details of your conversation. In addition, there aren’t any pesky fans which will drown out the noise of your conversation.

A Futuristic Experience During a Meeting

This wonderfully crafted meeting tool from Neat will change the way you think about your meetings, giving you sensational audio and video for all Zoom conferences. Similar to the Zoon brand, the Neat company has the commitment to making the modern tech as accessible and smooth as possible. What is more? You also have the chance of upgrading your Neat experience.

For example, while the touch bar controller arrives with the Neat Bar experience, you also have the chance of choosing to add a touch collaboration board of 65 inches for advanced whiteboard collaborations. You can directly get the Neat Bar from their website today, and they ship around the globe.

Originally published at on February 3, 2020.

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