Introducing Collaboration Scores: new insight to maximize employee productivity

Insights provided by NextPlane’s Collaboration Scores

A new era of collaboration

Why users love team collaboration apps

  • File sharing
  • Group conversations
  • Powerful search
  • Online whiteboards
  • Document synchronization
  • Video conferencing
  • Cloud storage
  • Instant messaging
  • Application integration for even more features

Collaboration blind spots

Why collaboration scores matters

  • Collaboration and communication are the top four skills highlighted by C-suite execs and employees as necessary for workers to succeed, according to Emergenetics
  • Highly engaged organizations that communicate openly and consistently demonstrate a 21% increase in profitability, according to Gallup
  • Some 80% of US workers feel stressed because of ineffective company communication, according to Dynamic Signal
  • In the manufacturing sector alone, McKinsey estimates improved digital collaboration could unlock $100 billion in value through productivity enhancements of 20–30%

Introducing the NextPlane Collaboration Scores

  • Direct messaging
  • Channel-based conversation
  • Presence status
  • Conversation hubs and spokes

How we calculate the NextPlane Collaboration Scores

  • The average number of messages exchanged per month (dividing the total number of messages by the number of active users)
  • The average number of collaborators (users in your collaboration teams)
  • A distribution curve of active users by number of messages exchanged

Shining a light on collaboration

  • How their users work together
  • How their users work with external partners
  • How their collaboration efforts stack up against competitors in the same vertical

NextPlane-Collaboration Without Boundaries-Connect. Any Team. Anywhere.



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