How to Share Reports From Your NextPlane Management Portal

NextPlane Management Portal offers the following monthly reports and chart to assist you in analyzing the data related to users, messages, and services used:

  • The number of Unique Users by Federated Domains — This report provides the number of unique users by federated partners, that sent or received any (SIP, XMPP, or API-based) messages, such as IM, presence, invite, and others in a given month.
  • Number of Unique Users by Federated Domains — Violation — This report provides the number of your unique users who tried to exchange chat or presence with companies whose domain is not registered with NextPlane. You probably have existing federations with these companies that are not registered with NextPlane. We recommended that you register such federations with NextPlane. Also, the report can give you insights into federations with potential partner organizations that are not part of your network on NextPlane.
  • List of Unique Users — This report provides a list of all the unique users who have used the NextPlane services over the past month. For that, it taps into the statistics provided in the Unique Users by Federated Domains report.
  • Unique Users Monthly Chart — This bar chart represents unique users over the trailing 12 months. It visually illustrates the monthly increase or decrease in the number of unique users, and if you have exceeded your license count.
  • Instant Messages Monthly Chart — This bar chart represents the number of IM messages exchanged over the trailing 12 months. It visualizes your users’ engagement level.

You can share any report with your colleagues, even if they don’t have an active account on the NextPlane Management Portal.

To Share a Report:

On the left menu, go to Reports to see the list of available reports for your company.

Select the necessary report, and then click Share.

In the new window:

In Recipient Email, enter the email address of the person you would like to share the report.

In Link Expiration, click and select the period in which the link to a report will expire.

Click Share.

The Successfully shared the report with the recipient message appears. The recipient receives an email with a link via which they can view the shared report.

Originally published at on June 10, 2020.

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