Energizing Businesses and Teams Through Unified Communications

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4 min readNov 13, 2019

In any and every business, communication is a very vital aspect. It cannot be escaped. It is very evident that as the world and technology evolve, so does communication. There was once a time when posts were sent through mails and then came emails, then SMS and other improved forms of technology invented to make life easier and better.

While running a business, it is paramount to catch up on improving trends to make your business better and more applicable to your customers. Asides the appeal to customers, improved technology helps energize your business in so many ways. This is our main focus for this write-up. How does advanced unified communication technology help energize your business?

What unified technology does is to integrate your business communication functions together. Hence, instead of going from one application to the other to perform a single communication function, with unified communication, all those can be done in one single platform. Like we said, Integration but you already knew that didn’t you? So, what benefits does this integration offer to your business?

Benefits of Unified Communications

The benefits of unified communication are numerous but we’ll highlight the few that would go ahead to energize your business in the long run.

1. Ease of Management

This is as a result of the ease with which your team gets to perform tasks. Your work becomes easier with unified communication. The thing about Unified Technology is that there is a level of automation that comes with it so this guarantees efficiency. The features and tools that come alongside it are just right to move your business further along. With digital information technology software like the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it is possible for you to add multiple users to the system with ease. This means that your team can work together on one platform to perform the tasks more effectively and efficiently.

2. Time Recovery

It has been estimated that the average employee has a backlog of 32days in a whole year. Well, this was estimated by Sahil Rekhi, MD of RingCentral EMEA. He could’ve estimated this backlog with the improved time efficiency provided by using unified communication technology. There are so many communication constraints that are eradicated by this platform. So, with unified communications, not only would employees be able to recover lost times, but they also get to save more. An illustration of how UC does save time is in the provision of real-time communication. This means that resources can be passed from one employee to the other, from anywhere they are in the world and in real-time. Now, we all know that before UC, employees had to gather for a meeting to pass across crucial information or if it had to go digital, it would take a longer time. Here is a time log that UC covers with real-time communication. We can’t argue that recovered time means more work done in a day. How else can you energize your business than to optimize your employees’ productivity in a day?

3. The Remote Factor

We may have brushed a little about remote communication but there is a need to shed more light on how unified communication aids remote communication, and what’s in it for your business?

In recent times, remote work has been on the rise, mostly due to increasing technological improvement in the communication department. Instead of more in-house workers, you get remote and in-house employees together who do the work just as well. How do you profit? Reduced need for equipment, taxes, and space.

4. Scalability

One inevitable factor in business is growth. Your business would eventually grow and as it does, how easily can you scale up? This is where lots of businesses find it hard. Moving to a different location and finding a system that can accommodate the increasing data. With unified communication, these problems are solved because there is always room for scalability. The system is large enough to carry your increasing data and information without crashing. And this leads to our next point.

5. Cost Saving

There is no denying that with UC comes improved time and efficiency and other numerous benefits which all translate to saving you money. The only money requirement with UC is the initial startup cost. After that, you’re set up for the long run. When you compare the before to the after, you would see the huge monetary gap between both times. How else is your business energized if not by giving you more capital to reinvest and grow your business further.

6. Improved Services

When taking into cognizance of the work functions in your business, you also have to recognize the improvement in your services also. Increased efficiency means better customer services which means that there is a high chance that they would be back.

The functions that come with UC makes it possible to route your calls to the right person and record calls to know where to improve in your service. Customers would always be satisfied which means that your customer base would also grow and UC is always ready to accommodate that growth.

Unified Communications and Its Numerous Potentials for your Business

In a day, the average employee would have to move from one application software to another to get the work done. With unified communication, all these functions are integrated into one platform that makes the job easier and faster. This is one of the reasons why organizations are moving in with the trend and pushing their business forward with the global age. Statistics have shown that the unified communication market would experience a 16.8% increase by 2024 reaching a value of $143.49 million. There is a reason why businesses are rushing in with this technology and it is quite evident from our write-up.

Originally published at https://nextplane.net on November 13, 2019.