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The renowned communication technology platform Cisco recently announced a major improvement in their collaboration strategies. Although the company has a reputation that precedes them in terms of providers of effective team collaboration solutions, communication and contact centre support, Cisco has unveiled a new way of eliminating some hassles in the day to day collaborating experience.

The idea is to ensure that collaboration between users and IT administrators are made extremely easy. They therefore revealed that all their devices have now been integrated into the operating system. Furthermore, the interoperability of all apps have also been greatly improved.

Cisco unfolded their plans to the general public and said its platform for communicating through video and instant messaging, conferencing and voice will now boast a similar look and feel like the Webex Teams come end of the summer.

It would no longer matter if a user prefers Jabber and their superior prefers Teams, the new unified experience has appropriate plans for a unique experience. Notes can now be easily typed in Jabber and they will immediately show in Teams without any fuss. It’s a win for everyone.

The collaboration Portfolio

Users often thirst for an improved experience in whatever channel they choose to communicate with. Cisco has already proven its worth in the collaborative market as a heavy weight but in a quest to ensure that users continue to enjoy a seamless collaboration, the brand has invested immensely.

By unifying their collaborative portfolio — Webex and Jabber, functionality would surely increase among users and IT experts. The Jabber collaboration tool is set to completely mirror Webex Teams mode of operation and will also be complemented with tremendous AI-inspired insights.

The official statement from Cisco describes the unification process as one that is born out of the need to eliminate all distractions and frustrations. The Jabber collaboration is premised on the idea that users don’t have to encounter any difficulty when switching between tools. Cisco further added that everything should be where you want it to be always hence, it’s like moving from Webex Meetings to Webex Teams to Jabber without switching apps.

Cisco is Great, Jabber is Superb — What Do We Expect From the Unification?

If there’s any word suitable for describing the process of executing tasks without difficulty — amazing!

The collaboration has been made simpler for everyone to ensure that no hard work is needed to communicate and align. Cisco has engaged experts in a hands-on process to ensure that all Cisco devices can run on the same operating system and their apps can align even better than they used to.

There are several developments in the entire movement but something to look out for is the increased functionality of the Cisco Jabber tool. A good example is the AI-driven People insights that was originally exclusive to Webex meetings will now be available across portfolio. These include meetings, Messaging, calling and of course Jabber.

The whole scenario can be described as previously having to switch rooms to access a device and the new experience grants you an unequivocal access without having to leave your station.

Communication needs no further proof of being critical in helping organizations achieve their objectives. The interoperability of both apps will ultimately have a direct bearing on an organization’s productivity. Users can collaborate better. Data can now be exchanged with people in the field and remote places with much ease.

The belief is that with a much simpler and value-added platform, the user experience wouldn’t only be upgraded. The process of executing tasks would also be made easier for both the user and the IT teams.

Global Effect on Teams

There are currently more than 45 million Jabber users across the globe. The numbers will likely go higher as users will now enjoy an experience that is quite likable to Webex Teams when they log into their Jabber portals.

The unification experience supersedes takes care of individual preferences without a compromise. For instance, if a team member favours Webex Teams and the other likes to use Jabber, a note can simply be typed Webex teams and it will also be received in Jabber too.

At the point of setting the plan into motion, Cisco believed that the unified and updated experience would to a large extent, simplify tasks for both IT teams and users likewise.

It also makes plans for the future by setting up a perfect threshold for companies to enjoy a seamless transition to clouds at the right time. This averts the need of having to wait to get accustomed to a new system of collaboration.

People Insights Also Joins the Mix

Looking away from the Jabber experience that has made much headlines in the tech space, Cisco have also went public with their plans to upgrade People Insights. The service was introduced to Webex meetings of recent — March.

People Insight is an AI infused technology that makes available professional insights based on information that is accessible to the general public about the people you are meeting. This helps you interact better because as soon as conversation commences, all the information needed is supplied at a go.

At the initial stages People Insight was only available for Meetings. Now, the new revelation is that the entire Webex Portfolio including Cisco Jabber can also enjoy the AI based feature.

Cisco has reiterated its commitment to continually provide customers with valuable contents and intelligence that will guarantee a seamless experience. The technology invented by Cisco are being designed to work in consonance with each other. They are also backed by intelligent insights and have been designed to facilitate a tremendous collaborative experience in all levels and across various portfolios.

When the news came that Cisco had acquired the open source instant messaging company — Jabber, back in 2009, many thought the move signified a mere willingness to flex their capacity and swallow rivals. Over a decade later, Cisco has proceeded to provide the tech world with a dime piece that effectively caters for all collaborative needs to provide a great experience for all.

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