A backdoor into your network: how to mitigate the risks of team collaboration guest accounts

Team collaboration platforms trying to mitigate risk of guest accounts

Threats are everywhere

Insider threats are taking their toll

  • Non-compliance fines (e.g., CCPA, GDPR)
  • Brand damage
  • Lost customers
  • A falling share price
  • IT productivity losses and costs (e.g., clean-up, remediation, and incident response)
  • Staff productivity hit
  • Legal costs

Guest accounts are a ticking time bomb

How to eliminate guest accounts as a threat vector

  • Blocking domains and setting allow lists so that users only collaborate with authorized users
  • Setting policies for unmanaged devices
  • Scanning content for malware when uploaded from third parties
  • Implementing robust data loss prevention (DLP) on team collaboration chat and file shares
  • Reviewing and blocking access to any risky third-party apps

NextPlane-Collaborate Without Boundaries-Connect. Any Team. Anywhere.

  • There’s no need to buy expensive guest accounts for external collaboration
  • Your internal users can stay on corporate-controlled collaboration platforms, boosting security and compliance
  • Employee productivity is enhanced because your users and their external colleagues can stay on their preferred platforms
  • IT administrators are freed from making time-consuming decisions around guest account privileges and adjusting security policies



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