5 Free Remote Work Resources to Utilize as a Small Business

World Health Organization (WHO) has finally declared the COVID-19 as a worldwide pandemic, people are beginning to panic and looking for measures to stay safe and uninfected. The workplace is not left out as companies are looking for more remote measures to keep the virus at bay and keep their employees healthy. With this, the demand for more remote options is increasing. What better way to promote self-quarantine, reduce the virus from spreading and keep the work going.

With this high demand and need for remote work tools, it is certain that companies who were not ready to explore the remote option because of financial and other reasons, may take a deep dive into the unknown. The most affected in all these would be the small businesses.

Using the best remote resources could honestly be expensive and while there are other factors that go into choosing the right remote software, cost is one of the major factors. What if we tell you that you can get the best and also for free? Well, if you’re running a small to medium sized business, you may want to read on.

Getting the Best at No Cost

While the demand for more remote resources are increasing due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic, some software companies have surprisingly responded positively to the growing demand by offering their services for free. Among these include Zoom, Slack, Google and Microsoft. It is no surprise that their stock has increased with Microsoft experiencing a 50% increase in usage and while the other companies like Slack, Zoom and Google are not open about their analytics, the Zoom stock has plummeted 30% in the stock market.

So, while health services are still trying to curtail the Coronavirus, there has to be a lasting and effective option to keep your company process going. If you are looking into free remote work resources as a small business, here are 5 that you may want to consider:

  1. Microsoft

As opposed to former practices, Microsoft has started allowing users a free trial version of their premium plan. This is mostly on the Microsoft Teams chat app. Users have noted that the free trial does not restrict users from using the premium features like the 1terabyte storage, recording meetings and many more. The great thing about this new development is that it lasts for 6 long months.

2. Google

Google is another company offering a free access to their resources like G Suite (both for education users), Hangouts Meet. They also extended the user capacity to 250 and a livestream reach of 100,000. This is said to last till the 1st of July, 2020.

3. Slack

Slack is one of the companies making their services and resources more accessible especially to small businesses. Getting the slack software is free however, there were some premium services that are now accessible to small businesses and organizations free of charge.

4. Zoom

While Zoom already offered a free version of their software before the epidemic, they are still on their toes to make their services as hitch free as possible. This would help to accommodate the increasing demand. In addition to this, Zoom has provided increasing capacity resources that would help new users with the software at their best. Their new information sessions, unlimited participants, extended meeting times and breakout rooms is a good reason why you should hop on the Zoom wagon for your remote options.

5. Cisco WebEx

Finally, Cisco has gone all out to offer their WebEx services for free, and also with no time restrictions. They are also offering a 90-day license of new users. For extended capacity, they are more allowing up to 100 participants and many other premium features for free.


While the world is battling coronavirus, it is time to act wisely and right. It is no news that countries and workplaces are shutting down. Nevertheless, pushing your work operations beyond the physical building is the best way to keep up operation. It is important to note that there’s an increasing request for remote work tools despite the dwindling revenue. Hopefully, these free tools will help SMEs stay afloat and profitable.

Originally published at https://nextplane.net on April 10, 2020.



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